Job Seeker

We believe in quality than quantity, our procedure is that once we receive resume and cover letter from users, we evaluate it with in-house specialized staff to determine if your skill sets match the criteria for one of our clients requirement. If experience and skills fulfill the requirement, we arrange your first phone interview with client. Because of our reputable evaluation, 99% of the time users get offer letter from employers, though each user receives two to three interview calls from our client.

Employers analyze various skills during these interviews, some of them are

-- Educational back ground in personality
-- Technical Skills and experience based on resume and work history
-- Language skills
-- Future goals
-- Working ethics
-- Personality

Useful resources

We encourage individuals who are planning to find employment in UAE must go through some of the links below to educate them self about requirement to apply for UAE work visa.

-- Click here for UAE Government official fees or click here for complete manual for UAE work visa
-- Click here to download all the forms from official UAE Government website. You can view this webiste in English and Arabic language.
-- If you have any specific question that you can't find the answer online regarding UAE work permit, feel free to email us.